Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today, I ran. It was the first time since the race for the cure (which was more of a walk/run because of the crowded streets). I also jumped rope. Remember when you were 7 or 8 and jump roping was SO easy!? I remember winning a jump roping contest where I outlasted my opponents by 5 straight minutes for a total of 10 minutes. Today, I could hardly do 2 minutes at a time. BUT, I feel incredible now. I needed the endorphins and the release of energy. I needed to be outdoors. My time has been so limited, and today is a free day. I plan to thoroughly enjoy it.
How scary does Kesha look here^^??? haha


  1. Hello, Meg! I'm Grace, a longtime reader of Gina's blog, so I "know" you from the many times she's mentioned you. :) I clicked over today after reading your DIY Headband guest post (which was so cute!) and just wanted to say I love your blog! It's so sweet, quirky, and fresh.

    And I love all your pics - what iPhone app do you use??

    Glad you got a workout it - from one student to another, hang on, the end is near! :)

    1. Hey Grace! I use Diptic to make the collages. Thanks for coming by my blog and for the encouraging words! <33