Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I could go on and on all day about how busy I am, but you guys know that story. So, I'm going to share a few honest tidbits with you:

1. I was extremely cranky today. 
2. I'm braking out due to stress/too many sweets (see above photos: middle far left, top center)
3. I've been dying to work out and I have. NO. TIME.
4. Spending a few hours at the park with Kyle on the weekends has been saving my sanity.
5. I made Mr. Krabs and the incredible Hulk out of blocks during a volunteer shift (bottom right)
6. I bought teal pants yesterday. 
7.Whenever I see a tall/tan/skinny girl I want to punch her (don't judge me!)
8. Every day I wish for summer.

The past few days haven't been great, I can't lie to you. School is busy,  and I'm to squeeze in all of my 100 volunteer hours for a class, so my level of sleep deprivation is alarming. Tell me I can make it through the next 4 weeks! Then, GRADUATION.
The light at the end of the tunnel never looked so bright. 


  1. Yes to teal! Where'd did you find your pants? I've been planning to make the trek out to find a pair but ughhh i hate searching the mall! You're looking cute as always, nevermind the tall tannies.
    XO Katherine

    1. Buffalo Exchange, but I believe they are from Forever 21! Thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Hey megan! I feel you on the stress!!! But honestly all that hard work you putting right now will be worth at the end! you're almost there!!! It's like running a marathon and its getting crazy but you feel like that you are almost at the finish line!! From your picture with you and your friend did you guys run a 5k?

  3. Good luck, I know that you can do it!

    BTW, I LOVE the dress and I can't wait to wear it. Thank you so much, I know how 2 dresses and love them both very much. :)

  4. Why do you want to kick skinny women?? You're in beautiful shape dudette!

  5. Same thoughts on tall/thin/tan chicks. But not usually. I think you're much cuter than those girls I'm thinking of. :)