Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

HEY! So, as you all know (and half chose to ignore) it was Valentine's day yesterday. I won't go on and on about my undying love for Kyle because he got a card from me saying all of that good stuff. But I will say that I hope you had a great day spent with someone or someones you love!
Some pictures from our evening:

What says 'I love you' more than pizza!?

We saw Chronicle which was semi cheesy but super entertaining. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into sci-fi. Overall, it was a wonderful evening with a wonderful guy. 
LOVE you guys!


  1. Happy Valentines day! I was part of the half who pretended it was not V-day yesterday because I am actually going to celebrate on Friday. I am glad to see you guys had a pizza perfect date, there is nothing more romantic then pizza :) plus, you look great!


  2. Your hair is getting so long!!! My co-worker saw that movie and told me that it was entertaining as well, he said he never knew how the guys really got the power.