Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wearing Vintage

As you've probably gathered, I am a vintage clothing enthusiast. I want to talk a bit about why.

Sometimes buying vintage can be intimidating. The clothing isn't new, sometimes it needs altering, and the fit is almost always different than modern clothing. Upsides? 

-The older the better. Worn clothing can be the most comfortable! How many times do you buy a new top and it's just not sitting right? I've found that with vintage, the cotton is softer and otherwise unruly sleeves lay flat. Tip? Beware of elastic! Sometimes the elastic rots and you're left with a stretch-less waistband. 

-Alter it! I once bought a dress because the polka-dots were adorable and the cut was perfect (I love fit and flare). I came home later that night to try it on and it ended up being a weird jumper. After Kyle stopped laughing at me, I took the jumper to my mom and she transformed it into a dress! Yes, trying the piece on first is a great safeguard. However, with a few chops and stitches, you'll have a piece that fits well and is exactly what you were hoping for. Chances are, one of your friends or family members can do some basic tailoring. If not, channel your inner seamstress or call a local tailor. Tip? Be patient. It may seem like a process, but eventually you'll have a piece you love and will likely keep forever!
the actual jumper turned dress!

-The quality is great and it's unique. Let's be honest, patterns and cuts just aren't what they used to be! The vintage pieces I buy tend to be made of heavy materials that are well sewn. In a time where mass production rules our economy, things are made in the cheapest/fastest way possible. Sometimes our favorite places to shop value quantity over quality. A handful of my vintage pieces are even hand-sewn! Tip? Seek fun prints that give you a pop of color and will be easy to accessorize. 

-It fits. I had a hard time a couple seasons ago when the trend was "tight and short". Short form fitting dresses, tight mini skirts, and short shorts are the death of me. I'm not stick thin and I have a booty! Vintage clothing has offered me an attractive, classic alternative to tight and trendy items. Bottom line, vintage can be very flattering. Tips? Try the pieces on first. It's a necessity (so I've learned). 
This skirt hits mid shin, which slims my hips and makes me look taller!

-PRICE. Great deals are what I live for, and shopping thrift stores almost always ensures low prices. I ended up paying $7 for a dress yesterday. $7! Put an H&M tag on this particular dress and I would've paid $35. The hunt is worth the saving! Tip? Don't get suckered into paying big bucks at vintage boutiques. You're ultimately paying for the vintage store to do the hunting for you. Every so often a splurge is worth it, but a date with your girlfriends and victoriously finding a treasure is much more valuable!
only $7!

Some other great finds:

Hope this inspires you to get out there and hunt for some vintage pieces of your own! Enjoy your Thursday, friends <3


  1. Thank you for writing this entry on vintage shopping. I love looking at vintage clothes but haven't bought myself something from a vintage store perhaps not looking and taking my time to perhaps find something I like. We have a few vintage stores in my town but I've been trying to go to other cities finding vintage stores that suits my style.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I LOVE vintage shopping/clothes so I completely agree with all of your points!

    Random question but my fiance and I are going to be in Tucson in a few weeks & I'd love to get some thrift shopping in. Can you recommend any good places to check out? Much appreciated, if so!

    Love your style & blog! :)