Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

I am thrilled to share one of my very favorite frozen yogurt spots in my sweet little desert: Kona Beri!
I'd like to forewarn you that the picture quality in this post is below average and for that, I apologize.

Kona Beri is a self-service, Hawaiian themed yogurt shop that serves the BEST low-fat frozen yogurt. As far as I am concerned, the consistency and taste trumps any of the fro-yo I've ever had (except maybe Yogurtland in Tempe...). Kona also has the most delicious toppings! Here's the yogurt beast I constructed:
  • Cupcake flavored yogurt (!!!!!)
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • A few bits of cookie dough 

It was heavenly. I am in LOVE with the person responsible for the above creation of Cupcake yogurt. I die.
Kona Beri has a nice atmosphere and friendly, although sometimes obnoxious (they are all high school students) staff. It is a great spot to end a date night or to meet a friend to chat..
Have a great night friends, and see you tomorrow :)


  1. Those self-serve yogurt places are popping up everywhere! I love them! Much better than Pinkberry!

  2. I found your blog a few weeks ago through Gina's and I have to say, I love it! You have such great style and fashion... and as a former 'Bux barista, I can relate, ha!!

    So I live in Seattle and we have had frozen yogurt for a while but just recently in the last year or so, the self-serve kinds have been appearing... I have been to Menchie's and have yet to try the newly opened Yogurtland.. I heard it's a Cali chain, do you think the same one from AZ?

  3. I also just found your blog through Gina's and I am in love. I love your style and even my husband has asked me to dress more like you..is that weird?

  4. @Justjac and @simplymorley: you ladies are super sweet! I believe Yogurtland is all the same as long as it is west coast and it is fantastic and cheap!! Thanks for the sweet words, I needed it today :) <3