Thursday, May 19, 2011

A fine day!

First off, this has been on repeat all day. I love Glee. Musicals melt my heart!

Today was a wonderful day off! I got to catch plenty of Zzz's which was fantastic. Then, boyfriend and I snatched some Subway breakfast...we seriously can't get enough and the fact that my work is about 10 steps away from a Subway...well, it's dangerous.

Literally though, it is very affordable, yummy, so I'm just going to go with it! After B-Fast, I had a hair cut scheduled so I'll be cleaned up for a wedding I'm a part of coming up at the end of this month. Have I also mentioned that this same vacation will be filled with my 21st birthday festivities and DISNEYLAND?! Disneyland on my birthday is a dream come true :)

This is the shot I took of my haircut, although I'll be putting up plenty more later since today was windy and this picture doesn't do it justice!

I luf it. I love getting my hair done, it feels fantastic and gives you an instant confidence boost. Shortly after the appointment, Kyle and I grabbed some Starbucks (gotta break this habit!!!) and went to the gym. It was a sweaty/awesome time and I can't wait to feel the burn tomorrow.
My post-gym smoothie (smoodie) appropriately served in a Mickey Mouse mug. 
Tonight for dinner, Kyle and I tag-teamed and made a fantastic chicken/asparagus/red potato feast. Well, Kyle did most of the work...I was distracted for some reason...
I love trashy magazines hehe. This one was particularly dirty and will stay out of sight from my 14 year old brother. It's kind of embarrassing how dirty this one was. SORRY MOM!

I am all showered and ready for bed, so I'm going to sleep! Work bright and early in the AM. But before I go:
I love him :)

PS: I find out about my interview tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!


  1. don't apologize to mom for trashy mags. don't copy my glee blog posts. don't stand me up on skype dates anymore (fyi you have to tell me how to do it DUH).

  2. I love your hair, it's so pretty! I really miss my long hair, buuut it's getting there. It just grows so slow :(.