Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Getup

Today has been a lovely day in the desert! First thing this morning, I made my way to the U of A for a very important advisors appointment.  The appointment was to determine my EDG (estimated date of graduation!) and I was sure she would tell me I was behind. Not only am on the 'right track', I should be able to take 3 of the left over classes at our local community college to save money/time! Needless to say, I'm very excited and looking forward to the next year.

Getup for today:
  •  Lace tank: F21
  • Shorts: F21 (Heritage)
  • Belt: Target
  • Flats: Target
I also wanted to share a couple of pick-ups I found today while out with my 'big sis' Gina. 
I couldn't resist the flats and since I bought them, I've decided to wait on the Blowfish flats :( I'm on the fence about them because I don't know how well the brown will go with my outfits. Decisions, decisions.

Hope you're all having a great day...Tucson Tuesday SHOULD be up later tonight! Fingers crossed I can find time before my early bed time.

Also, thanks for the well-wishes about my interview! I'm really hoping it works out :)


Iced grande 1 pump mocha, 1 splenda, whole milk, iced coffee. This is typically my daily jam! YUM!


  1. Very cute outfit! I love the top. I'm diggin' the shorts because they don't look too short at all.

    This is an oddball question but I'm into Hazelnut...any recs for a drink. I'm super obsessed with coffee right now!

  2. @Joanna: I'd go for a Caramel Macciato with Hazelnut INSTEAD of Vanilla. You'll love it <3

  3. Srsly love the drink of the day! I always get a non-fat vanilla latte - but your blog makes me want to venture out! ;)

  4. MURP. I just wrote a whole thing out and then it got deleted. :( This version #2 will be not nearly as cool, blah!

    Anywho, about Nice:

    I LOVE THEM. I first got them in black floral, then soon realized I needed more basic ones. I now own them in black and toffee as well.

    Black is perfect, because everyone needs basic black flats.

    Toffee is great as well! I have fairly light skin, and the toffee is similar - it's really a light tan rather than a brown. I wouldn't worry too much about how they'll go with clothes, they're pretty neutral. It matters more how they'll go with the color of your feet (I think!). I feel funny wearing toffee with shorts because then I feel like it looks like I have invisible shoes on...even though nude shoes are supposed to lengthen your legs, etc.. I prefer to wear them with pants, and I think it's kind of an unexpected change from black.

    Hope this helps slash isn't too boring. I could talk shoes 24/7...sorry! <3