Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Run in the Sun.

Upside to today: new shoes (I opted for the white version of these bad boys but can't find a good picture) They are Nike Relentless running shoes, so far they get two thumbs up for being extra light, cushion-y, and comfortable for my extremely high arches. WIN. Special shout out to my Mom for still spoiling me and buying me things I "need" like new running shoes. LOVE YOU, WOMAN!
Downside: It is 93 degrees out. My logic let me down today and I talked myself into wearing them on an introductory run at 93 degree heat.....OH, and then I jumped rope for 20 minutes after.
Needless to say, today has been one of those days where your motivation turns out to be your worst enemy! haha hope everyone is having a great Friday!! See you later tonight for another "What you'd rather spend your paycheck on" post. I have a wish list that goes for daysssss.....


  1. girl i have the same problem! i just moved to Tempe nine months ago and i quickly forget where i live and decide to exercise outside, feeling like i'm gonna die afterwards! i have brain lapses too often.

  2. The curse of Arizona weather!

  3. I'm definitely going to check these shoes out! I have high arches and I can't seem to find a shoe that is actually comfortable.

  4. You should come live in NJ xD It's only like... 70+ here? xD Hope it stays that way!!