Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daily Getup

hello, friends. Today has been incredibly loooong. It started with an opening shift at Bux (4:30am -_-). I came home to do some work for my other job and waited to hear from some friends to hang out which ended up falling through. Naturally, to cure myself of my bummed-outness, I baked in the sun for a while :) It felt awesome. I'm starting to love just relaxing by the pool. If only it were warm enough to swim in!

After lounging around STILL waiting to hear from anyone, I decided to get dressed and hit up my favorite place in the world, which I had just left a few hours earlier hehe. I treated myself to a coffee frappuccino light, and it was heavenly. Here's what the getup looked like:
  • Top: Thrifted
  • Shorts: H&M
  • Belt: UO
  • Black flats: UO
After my yummy frap, Kyle suggested we go shopping to cheer me up from my pooey earlier half of today. We scooped up Gina (big sis) and hit up Tucson Mall. We actually had a blast! My shopping buddies bought some treats, but I passed on swiping my plastic. It felt weird and I couldn't stop talking about how I HADN'T spent any money...but deep down, I was really proud. Summer goal of PINCH PENNIES is well on it's way to being accomplished.

We decided to make a pit stop at Brushfire BBQ and demolished some food on the way home. I opted for grilled salmon, corn on the cobb, and vinegar slaw...YAY HEALTHY! We came home to this lovely face...
Gina's doggie Bella. Can't get enough of that sweet face and those poofy ears. <3__<3

I'm crashing out so I can get through my 8 1/2 hour day tomorrow. It doesn't seem like long, but you can only make so much coffee until you are B.O.R.E.D.  Goodnight!

PS: Wearing my favorite PJs top of all time. My aunt gave it to me when I was 8 or so and it used to fit me like a dress. Good ol' Garfield. I love shirts with sentimental value that can be kept forever.


  1. that pj top is exceptionally cool! love garfield, he reminds me of being a kid!


  2. what is your other job? i remember you had said something awhile ago about working from home for another job.

  3. Another cute and simple outfit!! I love your style. I'm so close to Los Angeles that my goal this summer will be to try my hand at thrifting, since I know that some of the best stores are downtown. Could you do a post on how you Thrift? Maybe some tricks and tips?

  4. Those shorts are super cute!

  5. @Melanie: I do online filing for a foreclosure company. Not always the happiest work, but pays da bills.

    @Joanna: Expect a post about thrifting this week!