Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let them eat cake!

SO, the reason I was MIA for Tues/Wed was because I was helping the boyfriend with his Cake Decorating class! (Let the record show how insanely jealous I am that he got to take that class) As a little girl, becoming a pastry chef was my #1 dream. No astronaut, biologist, or lawyer dreams. Only dreams of baking delicious goodies and pleasing peoples' palettes with dreamy desserts.

15 years later and a psych degree 3/4 of the way done, I now have to get my bake on whenever I get the chance!
The task at hand was to create a multi-layer cake, and decorate the cake using 4 of the concepts they had learned throughout the year. We went with a classic yellow cake and a vanilla buttercream (since nobody in the class even tastes the cake). 
Please excuse the blurry picture. Still waiting to buy a decent camera.
I trimmed the tops down, Kyle finished and started giving them a buttercream cover. 
Yes you do see a hidden layer of chocolate. Kyle wanted a "surprise" layer hahaha <3. 
He piped royal icing flowers...
I created some fondant branches and leaves...
He piped a green shell border that he was VERY proud of..
And before we knew it....the masterpiece was born!!

Pretty gorgeous, no? I was super happy with how it turned out and so was Kyle. Delivering the cake was a whole other story. We only had one minor mishap which took the life of some of the shell border but nothing TOO tragic happened. 45 minutes later and a quarter of a tank of gas used on A/C alone, we turned that puppy in and called it a success. Whew. I was proud to be a part of the process! 
Thing I enjoyed the most? Watching this stud hard at work:

 I love him :)

ps: Sorry you had to miss Tucson Tuesday. Next week we'll be back in business !


  1. Wow! You two did a great job! That cake looks so pretty. ;)

  2. Lovely! I dream of having a kitchen aid mixer!
    Love your blog, i'm from England and found your blog through fitnessista and love it. A girl after my own heart! x

  3. i LOVE that your boy takes a cake decorating class :)


  4. this is weird, but I have a psych degree 3/4 the way done and i've always dreamed of being a cake decorator. haha i bake and decorate cakes for my friends birthdays just so i can have a chance to do it!

  5. the cake turned out lovely! You should be a pro or something :P