Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend was mediocre. I am getting kind of tired of working 8 hours every Sunday :/ Everyone gets a lovely day to relax and I have to be in barista mode! I think I'm just getting to my "I need a vacation" limit. Ever been there?

Anyway, after the craziness of work, I hit up the gym with Kyle and we pumped some iron. After sweating our booties off I made myself a yummy smoothie!
I threw this together with 4 large strawberries, a splash of nonfat yogurt, a splash of skim milk, a tblspoon of peanut butter, and a handful of ice. It was so tasty. I have a crazy love for smoothies and once I get my hands on a nice blender, I'm going to drink them ALL. THE. TIME!
After the demolishing my peanut butter treat, I showered and threw this on..

  • Tank: F21have
  • Cardi: F21
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Belt: H&M
  • Flats: F21
Wearing outfits that were purchased at bargain prices makes wearing the outfit that much more fun! Saving money but still looking cute = happy girl

This is going to be a crazy week! Putting in a good amount of hours at work, which will be nice. I also  have my interview for promotion tomorrow...EEK. Somehow in between opening at bux and my interview, I'm squeezing in a dentists appointment :( I'm going to pass out so I can make it to tomorrow afternoon. Expect a fun thrifting how-to post per Joanna's request!


  1. Cute flats! I can never find cute shoes at Forever...I'll have to look harder!

  2. Your hair looks great... and that bow! It's a great accessory.