Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

Didn't have to work this morning so I rolled over the The Good Egg with my Momma, Grammy, Great Aunt, and Aunt for some yumyum breakfast. It was heaven (as usual)! Mom and I ran down to campus to take care of my parking permit for next semester and ended up with time before my 11am class. So, naturally we got pedicures!

Talk about relaxation! It was fantastic. Thanks again, Momma! By the way, I really love today's getup:
  •  Tank: F21
  • Cardi: H&M (again...hahaha)
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Belt: H&M
  • Flats: F21
It's comfortable and summery! Definitely perfect if not for the wind... -_- I've had to hold it down so I don't flash anyone! 

Anyway... as you probably know, it is Tucson Tuesday!

One of Tucson's gems that I enjoy regularly is not an individual business, but a street full of fun places to shop and eat. University Blvd is located on the outskirts of the U of A campus at the corner of Park avenue and University Blvd, and along this quaint little street you will find great food, locally owned/name brand stores, salons, art, etc. It can be compared to Mill Avenue in Tempe, Az.
 One of my favorite plazas is adorned with a beautiful fountain and some sweet locally owned cafes. Best shop in the plaza? Starbucks Coffee of course :)
Pitaya, Grand Central Clothing, American Apparel...University has many styles of clothing that will satisfy anybody's shopping preference!
One of my favorite restaurants on University is this sandwich shop called Which Wich. You can build your own sandwich with tons of items to make a fully custom lunch. To the right of the above photo is one of my essential shopping spots...
Naturally I stopped in and found a couple of clearance treats I couldn't pass up!

Fancy a cupcake? Red Velvet Cupcakery offers several tasty treats. Wilko serves cafe food and free wifi for your late night study needs! 
One of my favorites to visit is Campus Candy! I think the picture speaks for itself...just know that the wall opposite this is identical, only with different candies. OMG. They also have frozen yogurt, coffee, and as of recently Cheesecake factory cheesecake (!?) AKA Campus Candy is heaven on Earth. 

Per usual I spent this Tucson Tuesday with the love of my life.

I'm having such a great Tuesday! :))) See you soon. <3


  1. of course you're having a great day! you and mom got PEDICURES.
    j e a l o u s.

  2. Ooo! You found some great things at UO! I never find anything.

  3. Ah I seriously need to come to Tucson! You make it look so cute.

  4. WHAT!? I didn't know there was a CUPCAKE shop. I think I'm always too fixed on shopping at the Urban wing to realize -.- PS I have that top too! Great TT!

  5. I am always there for Pitaya. It's a fun street for browsing, window shopping, and eating. I always feel relaxed hanging out there.