Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend at a Glance.

As you may have noticed I've been MIA from the blog all weekend. After Friday's funk I really was slammed with things to do. Don't worry about the giveaway, it'll be up before you know it. 

We're in our final full week of school, so I'll have plenty of time for blogging in a few days! Can't wait for the blogging adventures this summer will surely bring. 

Now, for my weekend in most appropriately expressed in pictures. 


On Saturday, this guy and I were busy BUSY. I worked, picked him up, went by the bank, went home to change, got Kyle's knee X-rayed...

...met Gina at the mall, bought Kyle basketball shorts as an Easter present (hehe), went BACK home, changed into gym clothes and packed swimmy suite, went to the gym, went over to Gina's pool...

...(it was overcast so my plan to tan FAILED), got RE-READY (UGH) and met up with David and Emily to see Water for Elephants. Probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has inspired me to do a post about what my favorite movies are! I finally got home that night and passed out faster than I can even remember.

(Easter) Sunday:

I woke up around 8 on Sunday (don't ask me how I was able to wake up after Sats craziness) and went on an Easter hike at Sabino Canyon with my parents. My brother was super tired from his basketball tourney he won over the weekend (GO JOSH! WEEE!) so he slept in while we hit the trails. It was beautiful out and the trail was crowded but manageable. It was so nice to spend time with my lovely parents and I was able to get a 4 mile hike in! PS: the Easter bunny still visits me...!

After a blissful hike, I got home and showered up for what I thought was a pooey Easter shift at work. Turns out it was a little worse than pooey. Although my schedule I had written down said 12pm-6pm, I called work to see if they needed any product from another store and all I heard was a panicked voice on the other line telling me I was 45 minutes late and that I was scheduled for 11 to 6pm. UM. So I hustled over to work and sure enough, the schedule said 11. (Below is a pic of my Easter basket! Mom, you are too cute :) Next to it is how I felt about working 6 hours on Easter Sunday)
Easter basket and an Unhappy barista.
 I fought back tears as I worked the first hour of my shift with a nervous stomach ache. As time went on, I relaxed a little and now I've boiled it down to this: IT HAPPENS. Oh well, won't happen again. Despite customers being rude and especially impatient, I worked with sweet girls so it didn't end up too horrible.

I came home and my Madre had set up a spread of pizza ingredients for build-your-owns. I was actually super stoked that we weren't eating ham! Here's my creation:
LOTS and LOTS of veggies! It was such a delicious meal. With my pizza food baby in my belly, I got to work on a couple of art projects I had been putting off. My favorite:

An encouraging banner that reads, "Be Confident". I appropriately hung it in my bathroom where I get ready.

So, there you have it! It was yet ANOTHER weekend of insanity! Next week will be no different. I can't wait for just a teeeeeeeeeny break! 
Quick shoutout to my sister for finishing her very first night shift at her big girl nursing job! Congrats sis, I'm sure those patients were in great hands. 

Enjoy your Mondays everyone, and try to take some time to rest! 


  1. Cute post! I think your style is the best...I can't wait for your "shop my closet" to open and see if we wear the same size! :)

    I've hiked Sabino Canyon before and it's beauuuuutiful. Sounds like a perfect start to your morning. Also, your easter basket is precious! My mom still makes them for me and my fiance...and she hides $1 bills in the eggs, haha. Hope your week is amazing!

  2. awww....thanks little sister. <3

  3. Megan!
    Here is to a super great week for you! Your Easter basket looks awesome! Yay! I worked 8 hours at the 'bucks so I feel ya there! Have a super great evening!