Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

Isn't he handsome?! Even with a weird mustache haha. 

Today I'm featuring what we ate for lunch which happens to be one of Tucson's greatest treasures. EEGEE's!! (pronounced E-G 's) This is truly one fast food restaurant that I will always enjoy. They sell subs, soft pretzels, AMAZING fries, and their main attraction, the Eegee. They have amazing house dressing and ranch. They even offer ranch fries, where they take their krinkle fries with their incredible ranch and bacon bits! The Eegee is quite hard to describe but I'd say it is a combo between a slushie and an icee. Their main flavors are strawberry, pina colada, and my favorite Lemon! Each month they feature a flavor of the month. April is Orange Dream. YUM. My most favorite flavor of the month is lime!
Photos courtesy of Emily since I forgot my camera today :(

Eegee's is an ideal treat in the Summer OR winter. It provides a satisfying meal and a soothing cold treat that never disappoints.

See you guys soon! <3
PS: sorry I always feature food as my Tucson Tues! Once summer gets here I'll have more free time to explore my lovely city. 


  1. I WANT EEGEES RIGHT NOW. thanks, jerk.

  2. Eegee's is the greatest!!! We have some awesome U of A friends we go party with every now and again and the best pool party we ever went to there was one where our hostess bought a HUGE tub of Eegee's and served it at the party! Seriously salivating just thinking about it.

  3. Eegee's is a Tucson treasure for sure! I loved it when I was just a Tucson visitor and I love it even more as a resident.