Saturday, March 12, 2011


So, spring break won't be too insanely exciting. No Florida beaches, or laying by the resort pool in Vegas. Kyle (the boyfriend) and I are saving our pennies for a trip to La Jolla in May for our close friends' wedding/Sea World/Disneyland/my 21st bday extravaganza (also to be held in Disneyland!) so we're sticking close to home for this SB. I don't mind it, since we're heading up to Phoenix on Tuesday for a couple days.

Anyway, today will be spent thrifting (can't. get. enough), hanging with Em, and then a much needed movie night with my familia. I'm excited to hang out with them without a million school assignments on the back of my mind -_-

Here's today's getup:

It is 81 degrees and naturally I went with a black top.

  • Glasses: Betsey Johnson (they're my FAVES and have been broken forever!)
  • Top: Urban 
  • Bag: Aldo
  • Bow Ring: F21
  • Flats: F21
Luckily this shirt is semi flowy and allows for plenty of ventilation :)

My plan for this SB is to do a series of Spring inspired DIYs! On the list so far:
  • Transforming my Scallop mirror I thrifted
  • Fidora makeover
I'm still brainstorming for more ideas. Anyone have a great DIY you've been wanting to try? Send the idea my way and we'll do it together!

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