Thursday, March 10, 2011


I wish I was in a better mood. My spring break starts after my 2pm class ends tomorrow and I can't even wait. I took a test Wednesday, wrote a 19 page paper last night, took an exam today, and now I'm working on my Philosophy paper, which is due tomorrow. My head is pounding and my eyes hurt from staring at the comp screen. Top it all off with warm (too warm in my opinion) weather and you have one sweaty and stressed version of me...NOT CUTE!
I got to hang out with that sweet yellow lab in the photo though! That's my boy's dog Tucker. I love him so much.

Ps: Sorry about the weather complaint! I know the average person would grab their sunscreen and soak up the sun, but I'm just a rainy day kinda girl. It's tough living in El desierto when you prefer rain boots to flip flops!

My apologies for the shorty post...more paper writing to do. But first, I'm taking an hour break to fit in some hip hop cardio a la Dance Trance!
See you tomorrow for an exciting overview of my spring break posts (including that Starbucks givaway!)...I think you're gonna like them!

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  1. You're going to be so upset this summer!!! I'm proud that you got your paper done!!