Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Getup (yesterday)

I've been a blogging slacker the past couple of days. I got a weird stomach bug and was feeling out of it. On the bright side, it's Tucson Tuesday (!!!!) and I have two Daily Getups to post before the big T.T. III is coming your way!
Photocred goes to Emily from Yesterday's Sweetheart!

  • Top: Urban Outfitters
  • Shorts (ps I haven't worn shorts in public in a long time!) F21
  • belt: Thrifted
  • Rose ring: F21
  • Watch: Vintage a la Emily.
I paired the getup with rose colored flats. Emily and I ran a ton of fun errands for our secret project, drank Starbucks, bought make up treats (pictures later) and had a fun little girls' night.
I'm late for school (per usual), so I'll post in a little bit today's getup and my treats from last night!

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