Monday, January 21, 2013


 A week ago today, Gina and I headed out for a girl's night of sorts. We were invited to a sneak peak at Tucson's most impressive Whole Foods. We have several locations around town, but this location (River&Craycroft for you locals) is mind blowing. There are several rows of "hot bar" ready to be devoured. Produce piled high, rows and rows of local and organic products, a juice bar, you name it.
Gina and I explored the store (AKA ate a ton of delicious food).
 Fresh sushi rolls from the in-store sushi bar.
 Chicken taco and a kale salad.
A variety of goat cheeses, and goat cheese FUDGE (!).
I've already been back for more.
Most people think I'm crazy for loving grocery shopping as much as I do, but the few who get me know where I'm comin' from.

This week has been a crazy one at work. Our resort is just shy of capacity, so I've been a tad stressed to put it mildly. Today was a nice break from the chaos. Not only was it a toasty 76 degrees (isn't it January?), I got to spend my day at the Tucson Children's Museum watching my beautiful niece run around and celebrate being 1!  I celebrated her being 1 with a tasty Elmo cupcake :)

After the party, I headed to our local Apple store in search for some software. They didn't have it, so my next move was to buy a polka dot tulle skirt haha. Gotta love Anthro sales.

The rest of the day shall be spent vegging out until Kyle's off, then we have a weight lifting date. 
Hope everyone has been happy and well!
x- M

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  1. hey Megan! i love your outfit you're wearing at Whole Foods with Gina. where'd you get those boots? :D lovely post as usual!