Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Embracing Summer

In years past, Kyle and I have treated summer like it was an ugly, horrid monster. You would often catch me whining about driving a black car in 105 degree heat. Or making faces at my reflection in the mirror because my freckles were darker than ever.

This year, we are welcoming summer with open arms. I don't know where this epiphany came from, but we want to take full advantage of all summer has to offer. Maybe it's the exciting notion of wedding planning finally unfolding, or the freeing feeling of no fall semester looming in the distance. Either way, we are looking forward to spending so much time together and doing things we never have time to do! Like...
 Record shopping/listening and enjoying sunsets...
 wearing summery things and eating out with friends...
indulging in exotic treats....
taking pictures and roadtrippin'...
This summer I vow to do all of the above things AND:

Discover new favorite drinks!
my most current favorite: Lemonade [unsweetened] with a tea bag of any variety. The tea steeps slowly and adds a nice little kick to the lightly sweet and tangy lemonade. UM...YUM.

What kinds of things do you enjoy in the summer? 
I'm especially looking forward to longboarding during the warm summer nights with my handsome fiance by my side! [a girl can daydream]

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. oh that lemonade looks like a great idea!

  2. okay, that tea lemonade is something i am now dying to try!! thanks for the intro.

  3. oh yeah def longboarding this summer, trying to ride bikes or Rollerblade along this long trail by my boyfriend's house. I wish I lived by the beach because I love being in the water and if I get a chance during the summer is to go surfing, or windsurfing.

    I'm going to try that tea bag and lemonade drink!

  4. I can't wait to try your drink combo - it sounds delicious! Being engaged is so exciting! I think it was one of the most romantic times in our relationship :)

  5. Sounds like an excellent plan!
    I always look forward to mini-beach trip adventures each summer.

  6. As a first time college student and high school senior (taking dual enrollement classes at my local college), I'm also looking forward to summer for the first time! No homework due...time for writing and cream and fro-yo. And a senior trip hopefully. I haven't had a real break since the beginning of last fall. So I'm READY! :)

    Love the tea and lemonade idea, btw, Meg!