Thursday, January 19, 2012


Wow guys, I'm already in week 2 of my last semester of Undergrad. Amidst school, I'm squeezing in wedding planning, finding an internship, working at the bux, and somehow trying to maintain my sanity. I know my friends and family are feeling neglected. All I can say is, bear with me people. I promise, it'll all slow down eventually. That being said, here's some good stuff that's been happening lately!

My niece was born! Jan 8th was a glorious day, and despite sleeping only 3 hours before opening the next morning, I am so glad I was at the hospital when she let out her first teeny cries. Isn't she cute?!
My first Casino night. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, Kyle, and myself went out for a fun night of spending $$ at the casino last week, and though I'm not a fan of drinking or smoking, I can safely admit I LOVE gambling. So fun! I know we'll be making a trip out there soon, perhaps for my very sweet fiance's birthday.
At a recent thrifting trip with my sister and momma, I stumbled across this beauty. A metal coat rack! It could use a coat of paint but once it's all shined up, it'll look great by the front door. A total gem.
Last but certainly not least, I now have wedding shoes. These lovelies from Poetic License are the heels I'll be prancing down the isle in. WOW, I really can't wait. 2013 please get here faster!!

Thanks for being so patient with me guys, I know I am not on a regular posting schedule. Life is hectic right now (and always) which is why my blog reflects the REAL life experiences of a busy college student. You guys are awesome for sticking around <3


  1. Just wanted to drop a line and say I admire your little blog, it's cute, classy and since I started reading it, I've gotten back into the habit of thrifting myself! I love it.


  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! I love all the sparkles :)