Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Venue Hunting!

Let me just tell you, wedding venue hunting is the most difficult/stressful process ever! There are tons of stipulations surrounding your venue choice. How many people are on your list? What do their packages include? What kind of fees/taxes are NOT included in the quote they give you? Will they let you do what you want to on your big day?

Here are a couple of places we checked out..

All of the places we've explored so far offer different features we love! After seeing some no-gos, dealing with crazy event coordinators, and a few tears, we've made a decision. I love being ahead of schedule. We're solidifying plans left and right! I was thinking today about the wedding and started to envision it. I literally got butterflies thinking about marrying Kyle and none of the details even mattered. Needless to say, even if the venue blows up and we get married in a landfill, I will be one very happy Mrs. 

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