Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello, from the hospital! My sister-in-law to be is currently laboring my very first niece! Can't wait to meet her but I'm getting cabin fever in this waiting room! C'mon baby!!!

Until the little gets here, here's a fun recipe I came up with the other night.

Quinoa has always been a puzzling grain (?) to me. Last night, I decided to whip some up on a whim. I had made a corn salsa earlier this week to go with some crock pot soft tacos, and had some of the ingredients left over. This is what I came up with using the goodies I had in my fridge/pantry/freezer...
I call it "lime-pepper chicken quinoa with a spicy jalapeno cilantro corn salsa"quite the mouth full. pun intended.

Keep in mind I made this for myself, so for larger portions, I'd double or triple. How to create this lovely beast:

-1/2 cup cooked corn (canned or fresh)
-1/2 a bundle of cilantro
-1 Jalapeno (half/none if you don't like spice!)
-a couple small limes
-one chicken breast
-1/2 cup of quinoa
-pinch of pepper


Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, once it's bubbling, add the quinoa. Reduce the heat and let it simmer, covered. It takes about 10 min to cook, but you'll know when all the moisture has been soaked up.
Sauté your chicken breast squeezing a lime and sprinkling pepper on both sides. Flip and cook both sides making sure your chicken is cooked all the way through. After this step, I diced my cooked chicken and set it aside. Dice up your jalapenos, chop your cilantro, and drain your corn. 
In your favorite bowl (or oversized mug hehe) pour in your quinoa. Add the chicken, then the rest of your ingredients and give it a nice stir! 
I squeezed a little lime on top to make it extra zesty. 

Happy cooking! 


  1. i saw this on your instagram and was so amazed. im making it for tea tonight with a little change to make it vegan friendly! thanks for sharing! XO