Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A 4 Hour Break

2 blog posts in 1 day?!
Today was a busy Tuesday. I slept in TOO late, had class, ate lunch with my momma, killed time at my fave thrift store, and now I'm in class until 8 tonight. The getup for this jam-packed day:
Top: F21 (Heritage), Denim: F21, Belt: F21, Watch: Vintage
Class this morning was lame, and I could hardly pay attention because I've been so wrapped up in registering for my last semester at the UofA. I have so many anxieties about graduating so it seems as though all of my effort has gone into reaching that accomplishment lately. Despite my stresses, I got through class and felt like a little mother/daughter time was overdue so I gave the mama a call and we met up for some soup and salad. When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, lunch with ma could be just what you need. With time to kill before my 5:30 class, I decided to do some thrifting at my favorite thrift store in Tucson. It's a Lutheran thrift store and it's never dirty, rarely crowded, and everything is SO cheap. Some treasures to share with you! I didn't end up getting everything and my total ticket was $12! Not half bad :)

A couple pretties I passed on because the fit was a little off.
I did buy this little beauty. Vintage black button up skirt.
A sweater for my niece who is born in January/a bow button up
I passed on this tea set because it was $30, but how cute is that floral?!
I bought two frames that I'll be adding my own photos to, and a sweet embroidered pillow 
I had a surprisingly fun time by myself. Now, to sit in class and try to not doze off....zzzzzz

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