Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sicky poo.

The last 5 days I've had a respiratory illness and it's ruining my life. Okay, It's not really ruining my life, but it has certainly put a damper on my week! It swooped in and has made me feel like death in 4 different phases. Phase 1: Sore throat-comparable to swallowing fire. Phase 2: Fever-chills, sweats, feeling completely out of it, the works. Phase 3: Congestion like nobody's business-I've gone through two tissue boxes..and counting. Phase 4: Evil cough. Take home message from the above overly dramatic paragraph? WASH YOUR HANDS, AND TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C.

Yesterday I went to class despite my sniffles. Here's the getup:
Sweater: H&M, Denim: Gap, Sandals: Urban Outfitters, Glasses: Betsey Johnson
My green tea helped me get through class and I was glad I went. I love the stuff I'm learning about right now because it's pertinent to my potential future career paths! No more learning about ancient Aztec societies via Gen Eds. Senior year has it's perks.

Today has been filled with writing a paper, trip to the Pediatritians office (yes I still go to my ped's office), and cuddling my roommates cat. Off to school in 15 min or so! Hope your day has been lovely!


  1. 1. I'm SO happy you're blogging again. Your blog is one of my most favorites and I was so sad you didn't for so long!

    2. FEEL BETTER! <3 <3

  2. bottom line: she said she'd kick me out when i graduated so you better start hunting for someone else. it was tricky finding one. then when i went, i had to admit to her i'd never had a real grown-up exam/blood work done on me (at age 24). true story. i think i'll send our [future] kid to a family practice doc instead of a pediatrician so they never have to leave.

    p.s. come up here and visit me. :/ the weather's getting better!