Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a while..

Those pictures are from my weekend trip to Phoenix for some apartment shopping shenanigans. I bought a pineapple, wanted to steal some Sbux art, played with the pup, and wore a long skirt. It was fun AND successful. I bought a ton of apt. stuff and I can't wait to move in now! 4 more days!

Kyle brought me some Andy Warhol plates! Aren't they pretty! Also, I bought a vintage dress at an antique shop while I was out with my sissy in Phoenix! Isn't it purrrty? I love the colors, the cut,...okay I love everything about it. <3


  1. Im moving on the first and i can not wait to get into my new place!! Well i really just want to get away from all of the boxes haha

    And i LOVE those plates! the dress is pretty awesome too!! Yay thrift stores:)

  2. proud of you, babygirl. can't wait to see your apartamento when i get home. kiss my puppy for me every day. <3

  3. LOVE that dress missy! It's so cute!! <3

  4. Such a lovely dress! And Ikea... someday I will live near an Ikea. And it will be a day for celebrating.