Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Typical Tuesday

Despite it being Tuesday, and my day off, Kyle and I chose to go places not-so unique to Tucson. Hence why this post isn't a "Tucson Tuesday". I really was hoping to share a Tucson gem with you today, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Kyle and I both had a day off today (!!) so we kicked it off by having some Subway breakfast, which is Kyle's absolute favorite.
Orange Juices, a flatbread egg/ham sandwich for Kyle, and an egg white/ham sandwich for me! YUM.

After breakfast I cleaned my room (finally), and to beat the heat (which reached a scorching 101 today) we hit up the movie theater. We decided on The Hangover II. There are no words to describe how much I was NOT into the storyline. There were funny parts here and there but it definitely disappointed in comparison to the first Hangover. To be honest, I didn't love the first one very much either! Either way, we got a good laugh and had a nice little day date. I also picked up a pretty treat!

Both our little brothers play basketball for their high schools (which happen to be rival schools teehee) so we first went to Kyle's brother's game and then straight over to my brother's game. First game was a loss, second was a win! It was an okay outcome. Two wins would've been better, obviously!
I looked a hot mess...UGH
Baby Brotha ^^^^
We ate dindin with my fam and kicked it over to the gym. I actually had a great workout! I have seriously lacked motivation lately but this was just the boost I need. There's good news though! My new apartments I'm moving into are right across the street from my old Yoga studio and I am psyched! I can't wait to be a yogi again :)

We spent the rest of our evening/night playing Mario Party 8 for the Wii. It was a heated battle between Kyle, Mom, and I and guess who ended up being victorious....
ME! Muahahahaha ;) I love nights at home.
Sweet dreams friends.


  1. My boyfriend loves subway breakfasts too!! i rarely eat there since their rolls destroy my stomach and they don't have wraps anymore:(:(:(:(

    I thought the first hangover was hilarious but the second one definitely kinda sucked! it had a few funny moments but it was no where near as funny as the first one!


  2. I Love your blog ! I'm always glad to see updates :) I worked at subway for a year and I can never eat anything from there I ate it too much I guess! I still beg my boyfriend too take me to starbucks every day I wish I worked there haha. since getting pregnant though I've had to cut back because of caffiene but I kniw the baby loves it too cuz he kicks whenever I drink it :) your shoes are super cute !

  3. @Allison: I usually get the english muffins! They are a little easier to digest than giant rolls of bread.
    @Brittany: There's always decaf sbux ;)