Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holy cow.

I have been sososososo busy. I haven't forgotten about my darling blog friends, I promise. In the past few days some crazy stuff has been going down! Monday night some of my family met up for frozen yogurt at Kona Beri to celebrate my chef graduating from his culinary arts program and my 21st birthday (which is June 1st). I love having my family live in Tucson because they are there for every get-together we have and always help celebrate our accomplishments.

We also had some fun visitors for this week!

My fur-niece Viesa! I love her little face so much and having her here is wonderful. Oh, my sister and her husband aren't bad company either :)

Tuesday was a shopping day for Kyle and I. We bought some well deserved treats with our money from the fam!
I picked up some undies, jean shorts, a dress, a tube top, and jeans...all for under $75. I am a shopping genius!

Kyle and I have been running around like crazy people trying to get stuff done before we go out of town Friday morning. We are going to La Jolla, California for 3 days as part of our friends' wedding party. Kyle is le best man and I am a bridesmaid. Can't wait to share pictures with you guys! After La Jolla, we are cruisin on up to L.A. for some quality DISNEYLAND time. That wednesday, while we are partying it up in Disneyland, we'll also be celebrating the 2-1! Needless to say, I've been running errands like a maniac and working a ton to be ready for this trip. Hence my absence for the past couple of days. Sowwy :/

I took a little break from the craziness today to go watch this handsome stud "graduate" from 8th grade.
My baby brother is going to be in high school next year. Is it not enough for him to be almost a foot taller than me?! Ugh, they truly do grow up so fast. I love him so much and I'm so proud of his 4.0 gpa! Not one B in middle school, just like his big sista :) He's an angel and I know he'll do wonderfully in high school.

In other news, my best kittens Emily, Heather, and Chyna bought me a sweet birthday gift to wear on my birthday!
love, love, love!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!

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