Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

 Guys I am so pumped on today's Tucson Tuesday! Although they DO serve coffee here (can't stay away!) this little shop is primarily a bakery/cafe. One of Kyle's culinary school friends works here and Kyle was itching to visit so we cruised over and MAN OH MAN I was so pleasantly surprised.

Village Bake House has a slew of delicious baked goods, amazingly detailed wedding cakes, sandwiches, fresh baked bread, etc. There is cafe seating inside and outside, perfect for today's 87 degree weather. Since I only had a short amount of time between my two classes, we were stoked to see how fast their service was. Everything tasted amazing and I am so glad we discovered this delicious treat!

 Peep those wedding cakes! Beautiful!

My garden salad
Beautiful pies in SO many different flavors
Pastries galore...
HOT boy, Kyle's espresso chocolate scone, my 'heart healthy' orange cookie and a danish sample :)

So wonderful! I cannot wait to visit again soon. I just want all of you to come visit Tucson so we can spend a day at all of my Tucson Tuesday spots ^,^

Have a fantastic day everyone :)


  1. Looks Amazing!! You are so lucky you have such nice weather! I am temporarily leaving in Chicago and all it does is rain here or it's so cold.

  2. mm all that food looks amazing and delicious! :D

  3. Jealous! That food looks sooo yummy!

  4. The wedding cakes were actually quite impressive, too! I already decided that when I get married you're totes making my cake :) <3