Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Wishlist.

There is no day like payday to make you fully aware of what you'd LIKE to spend your money on verses what you NEED to spend it on. Kyle and I were have been showing each other [non-stop] lists of things we "want" right now. I do realize that materialism can be quite dangerous and self fulfilling, but a little wanting never hurt anyone (as long as you have the self-control to go with it!).

 Plain Chiffon Full Middi Skirt (ASOS)
Ecote Wood Bottom Sandal (UO)

Sample Dress (Modcloth) OH PLEASE STOCK THIS!
Linen Cabinet/Wardrobe from IKEA

Preppy Leather Pearl (MBMJ)

This Darling Floral Betsey Watch
Nike Free Runs




  1. #1: I hope you get that skirt and I want to order some things if you want to split shipping!

    #2: That Modcloth dress is a version of the bday dress from ASOS that I need to figure a backless bra for -____-

    #3 That Ikea cabinet <3_<3

    #4 Those pups <3_<3

    I fully support no self control. ;)

  2. i'll take the watch and the puppies please <3


  3. Can I ask where you found those Nike Free's?? I have been searching for simple ones like that but they're hard to find!!