Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

 This T.T. took place early this morning because I had to take my sweet boyfriend to get an MRI (he hurt his knee playing basketball this week) so we decided to stop at our absolute favorite breakfast spot in AZ--The Good Egg!

Although it isn't exclusively a Tucson treat, I figured I'd share anyway. They have locations throughout Arizona and some random spots like San Diego (goes by a different name I think) and Kansas (?). The Good Egg has an amazing menu including lunch options!

My date:
My other date(s):

Gimpy Kyle got the Oatmeal with Irish Oats and a bagel/english muffin hybrid on the side. We always share a pot of the "coffee of the day" which was Mexi-Cali today! I have NO idea what it was supposed to taste like but it was very yummy. My favorite flavor they serve is Pumpkin Spice...mmm! I usually get a healthy turkey/egg white scramble but I was craving bacon in a major way. I'd love to be a vegetarian and I did abstain from eating red meat for a year and half, but I could never imagine my life without the crispy saltiness of bacon.
CARB OVERLOAD and I enjoyed every last bite. I got egg whites to balance out my unhealthy choices -__-

Other delicious options they have:
  • GIANT pancakes-- the wheat with bananas is my favorite!
  • Spanish Omelete 
  • Wildcat scramble (chorizo, beans, cheese, YUM)
I helped myself to my usual after-breakfast peppermint candy they always have :)

I can't get enough of The Good Egg! I hope, if you're ever in Az you stop by for breakfast. Give me a call and I'll be your date!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and don't forget to enter the Starbucks Giveaway!

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