Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mini Road-trip

The Fedora DIY is still in progress and turning out to be really cute! Can't wait to share it with everyone.

I hate to fail you guys but Tucson Tuesday is a NO-GO because I'm in Phoenix! Me and my crew...
rolled down the I-10 freeway for a couple of hours and we're now in Phoenix. My sis, her pup (the top two), and my sis' husband (not pictured) live up here and Kyle and I are visiting for a much needed break from Ttown. It's been a hectic week and my Grandmother is staying at my house while she makes arrangements for my Papa's funeral. There have been so many people crowded at my casa and I think she could use a break from that. Thus, here Kyle and I are chillin with puppy and my sister! We're gonna hit up some thrift/vintage shops and a couple nice malls. We'll eat some yummy food and I'll share all of my pictures with you guys! Here are some from today:
I did my hair today!

Boyfriend bought a new ride! I'm so proud of him :)

Picacho Peak (between Phx and TucTown)
I love this abandoned motel.
Pecan trees
Pretty Sunset that burned my eyes.
Cotton candy clouds.
Downtown PHX whaaaat!
Wish Tucson had freeways.
The ride again :) I love it. 

I'm kicking back and relaxing with this beast...
I'll be posting another photo-full post tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

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