Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last week, one of my dogs was put to sleep. She was 13 years old and ended up with a cancerous tumor that forced us to make the tough decision to put her down. Abby has always been a loyal, sweet girl. She loved to come give you kisses and she cracked me up when she swam in the pool. I will miss her presence at the back door when we get home from being out.
Rest in peace, little one.

We are missing her tons, but the hardest part has been watching her brother and companion helplessly search for her. He howls for her at night and has been extra needy lately. I'm praying he stays healthy and that he will feel better soon. Until then, he's getting the walks and attention he needs. Any thoughts/prayers would be gladly accepted right now <3


ps: Disney photos from the weekend are HERE.


  1. I'm so sorry for you :( I'm in Vet school so I'm familiarly with cases like this so all I can say to try to make you feel a little less bad, is that she's not hurting anymore, you took care of her, you gave all your love and happy life, but when she was weak and hurting you had the courage to end her suffering, even though you knew it would be painful. About her brother, now you need to give him attention, love, he will get over this lost. A few month ago one of my dogs died too, and my other one also missed her, but we gave her attention and now she is ok and happy again.
    Hope I helped.


  2. :-( Losing an animal is always beyond difficult. Hoping you and your family come to peace with it soon. Thinking of you.

  3. Megan,
    As soon as I started to read your post, tears came to my eyes. I was in your exact same position last August. We had to put our little Chubby down after 16 years of being part of our family. My parents, my brother, and I were devastated. I still feel like a piece of me is missing, but time has helped.

    Like Abbby, Chubby's physical condition was not good - she was paralyzed from the waist down since she was young and the effects of old age were setting in. Knowing that she was no longer in pain and had regained her ability to walk and run around in Heaven put me at peace. This poem helped too. I hope it helps you as well. You'll see Abby again. :)

    My heart and thoughts are with you. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sending you lots of love and healing vibes during this difficult time.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Abby. One of our cats passed away in April (only 5 years old) because of kidney failure. He became so sick so soon that by the time the vet doctor took over, he had a 50/50 chance. We made the decision to go ahead with whatever medical care he needed but it was still too late :( I know exactly what you're going through, especially since our cat had a brother and for the first few weeks after, he would look for his brother everywhere. It does get easier though. My thoughts are with you right now.

  5. Rest in peace, Abby. I'm sending you all healing thoughts this week.

  6. Beautiful that someone posted the Rainbow Bridge. I am so sorry for your loss. Pets are the constant angels of our lives, so loyal and full of unconditional love. I love our animals as children.

    Some friends of ours lost their beloved old border collie, Stella, leaving behind a distraught and grieving old Bouvier named TeeVee. My friends were so heartbroken about Stella and could barely function. It was a big loss, to say the least, which makes what they did so beautiful. They looked beyond their heartache and adopted a pup from the shelter, in hopes that TeeVee would find solace. It was a gamble that was so worth it, as they had huge concerns that TeeVee would give up on life with her grief. When the puppy was brought home, TeeVee had someone to live for. She still goes out every morning and looks for Stella, but beyond that, she acts younger than she has in years, having Cooper the pup to be with. It was tough for my friends, as they didn't feel ready for another dog with their hearts so tender. But they were so grateful in hindsight that they did this for TeeVee. I am not saying this is right for everyone, just felt the need to share this.
    My heart still aches for the fur babies I have lost in life. That deep love will always be with you. Blessings and healing to you.