Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Things

Arizona can truly blow me away sometimes.

Lately I have been really enjoying life. I have decided to start doing what I want. The other day I was running at a local park, when I stopped to watch a soccer game. I realized how much I have missed playing and for once, I actually did something about it! I had a game last week and another tomorrow. 

Other fitness endeavors of this month: 
Lots of strength training! Working at a health resort definitely has its benefits...and free access to a state of the art gym is only one of many. I have also been attempting to Zumba...and dancing is definitely not my strong suit. It is nice to try something new, and get a great workout. Lastly, my work offers a class called Boxer's Workout, which includes jump roping, plyometrics, and punching a bag.

The result of taking this class?
Feet up, exhausted in the office. 

I'm loving mixing up my workouts! This week I want to hit the yoga mat and work on my distance running. Wish me luck!


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  1. You have the best best job ever !!! Would you ever want to be a group fitness teacher?? Getting paid to workout would be a dream come true !!