Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent Eats

Quick update! I'm no longer at the Bux. I started my new job at a health resort last Wednesday. The largest component of training is taking the many fitness classes the resort offers. Needless to say, I've been incredibly sore! I've also taken a handful of lectures with topics ranging from footwear analysis to exercise physiology. This has been, BY FAR, the best training I've ever done. I'm having a blast and I've even been lucky enough to have a facial and a massage so the therapists could "practice". UM, hello perk.

To top off my wonderful week and a half, my coworkers decorated my office and surprised me with a card and balloons (my birthday is tomorrow). I've never experienced such a warm welcome!

Anyway, being that my training has required so much health awareness, I've been cleaning up my eats! Some of my favorite meals lately...
Annie's Split Pea Soup, kale chips, and a green salad with cucumbers and peppers. SO. much. green.
Roasted Kale, quinoa, and blackened talapia.

Hope you're having the BEST week. Can't believe I'll be 22 tomorrow!! 


  1. Happy birthday, and congratulations on your new position!! What will you be doing? It's sounds like a great work environment!

  2. Happy Birthday! That is such a great welcome festivities to get for your new job. and as I am looking at all of those food photos, I'm heading right now to go eat my salad :)

  3. Happy Birthday Meg! Congrats on your soon to be wedding and our new position!