Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation and Then Some

Per my usual style, the past month has been a doozy. In three "short" weeks, I graduated, put my 2 weeks in at the bux (!), and started my new job at a local health resort. I just completed my first week of training and though I'm exhausted, I know my new full time job will be so great for me!

Anyway, I'm a graduate! I am officially an alumni of the University of Arizona. All of the hard work and determination in the past 4 years have paid off. Now, for some graduation day fashion. We had two ceremonies (one for our separate college, and another for the entire University)..
Outfit 1: Asos dress, Urban Outfitters wedges, Kate Spade bag

Outfit 2: J Crew dress, Target wedges, thrifted bag.

Some snapshots from ceremony 1:

I'm so excited to spend more time blogging here, at The Nott, and on the fashion page of The Fitnessista! Hope your summer is off to a GREAT start! Soak up the sun and relax :)


  1. Excellent dress choices :) Funny how it's so important to look cute on graduation day, even though you're covered in a gown, right?! I wore sexy black dresses for both of my graduations from ASU - just wanted to feel pretty under there :)

    Huge congrats on graduation! It's a HUGE accomplishment and one to be very very proud of.

  2. Congratulations! G'luck on this new chapter of your life!!