Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hey guys! It's been way too long. Summer is rapidly approaching, which means it's crunch time at school. I've been keeping up with my work while volunteering about 12 hours a week to get "field experience" in the rehabilitation field. I'm working with elementary age students who have learning disabilities along with running the Ronald McDonald family room in one of our local hospitals. Sprinkle that with 30 hours or so of barista action. It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks and it's not going to slow down.

Kyle and I took the plunge the week before last and bought ourselves a Canon t2i! We are absolutely loving it and it's giving us an opportunity to create a little side project/bonding experience via a new little blog! Check it out, it's called The Nott (Nottingham is my future last name). Some snapshots from this week...

(style shots, coffee, new tunes, and sunflowers from kyle)
Though I enjoy the cold weather, having some warm sunshine has felt refreshing. Looking forward to the weekend so I can spend some time with Kyle and my family. How has your week been?


  1. rehab field... what are you hoping to go into?! (i'm in OT)

    1. I'm a psych major with a minor in special education/rehab. I'm leaning more toward an education standpoint. Occupational therapy seems like an amazing career field though! <3