Friday, March 9, 2012


I just want everyone to know that I ate breakfast food for breakfast AND lunch. I have serious love for b-fast. On my way to volunteer this morning I grabbed some instant oats with a little brown sugar. I put a few raspberries on top to make it look pretty. After I was done volunteering, I met up with Kyle at the Good Egg for "lunch" before I had to go to work. I've heard mixed reviews from people about the Good Egg, but it's been our regular breakfast spot for years and I have very few complaints about them. I had the 'casa potencia' which is 6 egg whites scrambled with chicken, green chiles, black beans, pico de gallo, etc. Kyle even gave me a piece of his bacon to share ^.^

Well, we made it to the weekend. I actually have Saturday and Sunday OFF! Omg. 
Have fun tomorrow! <3


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  1. Breakfast food for breakfast and lunch sounds amazing! (but for the record breakfast food for dinner will always be the best.) The casa potencia looks delicious.