Friday, December 9, 2011


This morning I was looking through some old holiday pictures, and it made me a little sad. It feels like yesterday the Fall semester was starting and I was BEGGING for Thanksgiving to hurry up and get here. Now, two finals down and three to go, I feel almost sad it has gone by so quickly. Don't get me wrong, the school part breezing by is A-OK with me. I guess I just hate the feeling of something good slipping away. The holidays go by at the speed of sound and I'm not kidding when I say I wish it was Christmas all year round (unintentional rhyme..).

On a happier note, hehe, I've snagged a couple thrifted treats that I'm excited to show you!
First off, these groovy, thrifted mugs I found the other day! I couldn't find the "hers" mug, but oh well.
Second, these white scalloped shelves. They will be the perfect addition to my room during it's impending makeover.
Finally, my new oval frame. I plan on getting some of Kyle and my pictures printed and this will be a wonderful home to one of them! Maybe this one...

In other news, this is basically what I've been up to lately..
Some celebrating of a small raise, mixed with a TON of school work, and sprinkled with Christmas joy/excitement :)

Hope your Friday is fabulous!


  1. I feel like this whole semester has flown by too! I am happy for classes to be over, but I can't believe Christmas is in 15 days! That's too soon;)

  2. im with you...Christmas is such a wonderful time of year! im so glad its here...i wish it would stay around a bit longer though.