Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Thrifty Tuesday

Recent thrifted finds. Milk glass bud vases (I bought three but had to throw one out for a very disturbing reason), a vintage rain coat with a lovely collar, and some ornaments that remind me of my childhood. 

Hope your day has been lovely! The weather has been perfect today and so has my mood. Something is in the air and it has me singing loudly to AM radio, smiling at strangers, giving extra love to some not-so-lovable Starbucks regulars, and living happily! I hope this feeling stays forever. 
ps: put this little gem on Shop My Closet today!


  1. You always seemed to find great things thrifted treasures. Did you ever do a post on tips on how to shop when you go to a thrift or vintage sore?

  2. I'm super super scared to hear the reason for throwing a vase out tonight... +_+

  3. my parents have those christmas decorations! they sum up christmas for me :)