Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dropping In...

..before class to say hello! After sleeping 10 hours last night, I finally had the strength/energy to clean the apartment and somewhat organize my room. I need to make sure it is spotless so I can bring home a [faux]Christmas tree and decorate this place! Are you getting SO excited for the holiday season!? Speaking of holiday decorations, I want to encourage everyone to thrift at least a couple of pieces for your home, dorm, dwelling. It creates a homey feel and vintage is always original!
Yesterday I found this little sign for .99 cents at Goodwill. So cute, it's going to look great by my Christmas tree or over our door!

Also, I've been really into vintage tins, specifically colorful tins with interesting patterns. Here are a couple I scored yesterday for dirt cheap:

Adorable, no?

Lately all I want to do is thrift and sleep, despite my impending graduation (MAY!) and the craziness that is sure to be appearing just in time for the holidays. Luckily I've been able to drag my bum outta bed and make time for my sweet friends!
bradybunch picture borrowed from Emily's IG.

fun, fun, FUN!

PS: Shop My Closet has tons of great stuff still!


  1. Awe, all I want to do is sleep too but school comes first. I love those lovely tins you bought, they remind me of I dream of genie & a geisha's kimono. It's nice that you get to go out with your friends and get out of the house. That is one thing I am lacking from my life. but just like you I can't wait for the Holidays. Specially putting up all the decorations! It's the best time out of the whole year <333

  2. P.s I just realize that every time I comment on your blog I start with "awe" how silly me.

  3. That hot cocoa is making my mouth water!