Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can't fight the feeling.

When the Holiday season arrives, I can't stop obsessing over it.
As if you hadn't figured that out yet! haha This weekend, since my sister and brother in law were in town from Phoenix, we put up my family's tree. It's always a fun/crazy event and this year was no different. We all watched the Grinch and laughed about silly sentimental ornaments and had an overall great time. PLUS, it turned out beauuuutiful!
peekaboo haha 
^The finished product! ^
My family's tree is comprised of ornaments from all over the place, from every era, and FOR each member of our family. They are unique and I could never see myself owning a matchy-matchy uniform tree (as pretty as they look!). 

I took the same approach when decorating the apartment tree! It didn't turn out half bad either ;)

Ohhh Christmas tree *sighhh*
Happy Tuesday <3


  1. Both your trees are beautiful. I woke up to an already decorated house...but whoever decorated it must of been drunk. So ugly!(sorry) I can't wait till next week when we get our tree so that we can all decorated together. In the mean time I am going to be rearranging the lights and the stockings, hehe.
    Xoxo, Mary

    P.s your tree is filled with so many memories that it makes it so much more special. I am so jelly!

  2. love both of the trees; so pretty!