Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Tuesday well spent.

Today, being my day off, was actually productive. Between bouts of mood swings (being a girl sucks sometimes :/ ) I managed to spend the morning thrifting and looking for furniture and goodies for my new place. The furniture was a big fail, and I ended up feeling mighty bummed on how steep prices for small furniture are. My goal today was to find a cheap nightstand. I went everywhere from Goodwill to an antique store to Walmart to Big Lots. I couldn't find a nightstand under $60 new and the only thrifty find I found was green and had no knobs :/ Better luck next time I suppose?

The getup for a day of shopping:
-Tank: Thrifted Old Navy
-Skirt: F21
-Shoes: Payless (three years ago?)
-Necklace: UO sale
-Ridiculous Freckles: c/o the Summer sun.

I drove around town like a wildwoman but ended up spending the most time at my favorite antique superstore, Copper Country. I've mentioned it once back in a previous Tucson Tuesday. 
I didn't end up buying anything (weird right?) but I did drool over some amazing items. 
and last but not least...

Despite my epic furniture fail, I picked up a few necessities along the way including: silverware (set of 20 for 10 bucks!), a cutting board, a paper towel rack, and two sheets of cardstock that are going into a little project later on :)

I figured while I'm at it I might as well share some of the goodies I've already purchased before today
scalloped mirror
pretty yellow wall shelves
pink glass (not sure what it's for yet, but it was 50 cents haha)

Can't stop daydreaming about what my new room will look like once it's finished!


  1. My tip for thrift store furniture? Let spray paint become your best friend! I have bought everything from frames, to coffee tables, night stands, lamps, plant pots, etc that were perfect or near perfect but were an ugly color or super dirty, etc. Sand em down if needed, spray paint them whatever beautiful shade you'd like and ta-da! :)

  2. You are so cute, lady! And I also love antique shopping. I bet your future room will turn out so nice.

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