Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last night we took my dad to a local diner in town where they hold weekly car shows in the summertime. It was so nice to enjoy the cool nighttime temps, and it is one of my dad's favorite things to do. I grew up going to car shows and have come to love the smell of car exhaust :)

After I worked my 6 hours, I came home to get ready for a bbq at my Aunt Kerry's house. The getup:

  • Bow top: Thrifted
  • Shorts: F21
  • Flats: Urban
  • Bow Ring: Betsey Johnson
It was so nice to hang with my family and let the dads do what they do best: Sleep, eat, and visit.

We ended up visiting at my Grandpa's house later this evening. My Grandpa and Grandma happen to have the cutest pets of all time! I was dead tired, but how can you be cranky around these lil babies?

And my brother cuddling with their newest addition:
Today was a great day and I have mad love for the men/dads in my life. It's very rare that you find a family held together by men who take marriage, work, and family as seriously as ours do. xoxoxox 

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  1. true story. i missed everyone today sooo much. bummed we weren't around for the festivities. we do have amazing dudes in our lives, don't we??