Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Off Adventures

Yay for days off! Having Tues/Thurs off has been fantastic. It breaks up my work week in the best way!

Today I woke up pretty late (cough..10..cough) and went to the gym with my madre first thing. My baby brother plays basketball, as you probably know, and they had a playoff tournament for their summer league today. Naturally I spent the day cheering him on! 4 games later and even I'm exhausted!

The getup for today:

  • Top: Thrifted- Ann Taylor
  • Belt- Urban
  • Shorts- H&M
  • Shoes- (falling apart) Target
I am really in love with the Orange color of this top. Today I was extra summery and paired it with a pink lip stain.
It's from the Elf line at Target! I love every color they put out. Go and get you some ladies!

Later on after the bball game, Kyle and I went thrifting (he's such a sweet boyfriend) and I found some very pretty treats! I also decided to take the plunge and buy my first vintage Dooney & Bourke!

1 comment:

  1. I love ELF too! I buy their brow tamer gel religiously. I also tried their eyelash curler and I'm still on the fence over that out.

    Great finds thrifting! Cute picks once again!