Sunday, June 26, 2011

Date night Getup

I put in a full day's work and came home to do some laundry. My parents were out of town this weekend and I must say, it was nice to have the house to myself! Since Kyle works most weekends I found myself doing dishes, laundry, and picking up around the house. I could get used to that, and I guess I have to :)

The getup for tonight's adventure to Oregano's Pizza Bistro:
  • Dress: Love 21 (via Buffalo Exchange, only $11!)
  • Flats: Blowfish <3
  • Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
  • Belt: Thrifted
 Although it's not super visible, I'm wearing Pink Plaid by Mac. I love this shade. Super fresh and cute.
Such an oddly cloudy day today, but I felt like wearing a sunny dress anyway!

For dinner, Kyle, Karl, and I went to one of my favorite restaurants: Oregano's Pizza Bistro! Oregano's holds a special place in my heart. Kyle and I enjoyed our very first date there in 2006. I still can't believe we've almost hit our 5 year mark without ever breaking up or "taking a break". I can honestly say we are so much stronger for staying together through even the toughest of times. He's the one, 100%.

Kyle and I split the Big Rig Pasta with whole wheat pasta and chicken. OH MY YUM. I love everything on the menu at Oregano's and the whole ambiance of the restaurant. Needless to say, it was a great night!

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Have a great night my friends!


  1. That dress is perfect! Love it! :)


  2. Such a cute dress! Love the colors on you!

  3. The belt over the dress looks so cute. I've never been able to pull it off though. You And ur boyfriend are super cute. I Was wondering do you have any tattoos I've noticed that kyle has a bunch on his arm. Maybe you guys can get matching ones for your anniversary! Me And my boyfriends five year anniversary is in february and we might do something like that ! I Love that ring btw !!

  4. @Brittany I don't have any tattoos. Kyle's obsessed but my family has always been pretty opposed to them. I am open to the idea just not as long as I'm living with the 'rents.