Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daily Getup/Day off Adventures

Another glorious day off today! It was very, very enjoyable. I hit the gym with my madre, and came home afterwards to drink some protein via smoothie. I ventured away from my berry comfort zone and came up with this.

- 1/2 cup Low fat/nonfat milk
- 1/2 cup Ice (add more or less for desired texture)
-1 whole banana
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (Sunwarrior is raw/vegan)
-2 tblsp cocoa powder (add more/less to taste)
-pinch of cinnamon

After I devoured my smoothie, I showered and got ready to meet up with Emily for a little coffee/lunch date.
Here's the getup:
  • Top: Forever 21
  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Bracelet: Gift 
  • Shoes: U/O
I love the braid headband I rocked today! Excited to try more braided looks for this summer.
Before we stopped in for our coffee date, we went to Goodwill for a quick shopping trip. Some pick-ups (the polka dot top I bought from Emily, check out her shop my closet HERE). I spent about 16 dollars for three name brand tops. You can't beat a deal like that!

We hit up Java Edge, a local Tucson coffee shop. They serve tasty espresso beverages and obviously some great/fresh food. My Iced soy latte and Greek salad hit the spot!

I have an early morning shift tomorrow, so I'm going to rotate some laundry and call it a night. Sweet dreams darling blog friends.


  1. I love my protein shake:) I either do fruity with kale, watermelon, banana, and blueberries, or chocolate-peanut butter with DARK cocoa powder, a big glob of pb, kale, and cinnamon (and of course protein powder!).

    I love thrift stores but i find it so funny how growing up my mom always took us to thrift stores but most people wouldn't ever go near them and now its like the "popular" thing to do lol


  2. I am trying this today!!! thanks!

  3. What great finds! I don't usually have luck finding name-brand clothes at my thrift stores. I usually grab clothes that I alter or change into something else.

  4. I love your braided look! So cute! :)

  5. hair tutorial! hair tutorial! hair tutorial!