Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

Tuesday is here yet again! I wasn't sure if Tucson Tuesday would happen because I got pretty sick Sunday night/Monday. I took the day off of school and my mom and I lounged around the house all day. It was glorious. I was finally feeling well enough to go out last night, so Emily and I headed to a thrift store to find some treasures. Here's what I scooped:
A mini rose vase (it was 99 cents so I couldn't pass it up despite it's lack of utility), a floral shin length skirt, a beige bag, and two fun shelves that I'll be painting! Good stuff. I find more and more that I'm drawn to home goods when I'm thrifting. There are just so many unique goodies that would make any room/home a delight to look at.

I took the skirt that I thrifted last night, pulled it up, belted it, and created today's daily getup.
  • Necklace: F21
  • Dress/skirt: Thrifted
  • Cardi: Favorite from H&M
  • Belt: Target
  • Sandals: Nordstrom Last chance (only paid $20, boo ya)
I do plan on wearing my skirt as its 'designer' intended, but I think without some nude/beige wedges I'd just look like a homeless lady. For now, we'll roll with it as a dress :) Ever  time I thrift I surprise myself with how much money I save. Purchasing full price items now just seems silly. My entire outfit pictured above cost me less than $40, which is what some would pay for a top only! If you've never tried thrifting before, I highly recommend you put your brave face on and see what you can find! My number one tip for finding things you'll really love and use? Think outside the box. I didn't buy the skirt intending to wear it as a dress, but since I was open to the idea of playing with it's function, I have now discovered a whole new way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.  WIN!

Now to give you yet another little piece of my delightful hometown!
I hate to bore you with another coffee shop but, Ike's is too great not to feature! I visited Ike's last week for a salad and some tea, but today Kyle and I went for our daily coffee fix. We also took advantage of Ike's fantastic food menu for brunch.
Top left: Iced Soy latte (hers), Iced rice milk white mocha (his)
Left Center: My granola with vanilla yogurt, in a sweet little bowl.
Bottom left: A frosted danish thing for Kyle
Right: Some of the fun/amazing artwork seen in Ike's charming cafe.

This was the second time I've had a great experience with a coffee shop serving really tasty espresso. Caramel sweet, strong, with no trace of burnt taste. Not to mention, any coffee shop that serves Rice milk alternatives for those with lactose sensitive tummys (Kyle) is alright in my book. Just know that if you ever visit Tucson, you will never have to be without a grade A+++ Latte!
The Key to enjoying any new experience: Share it with someone you love! Shout out to you, my main squeeze. I love youuuuuuu [and your gruesome beard]. <3

Have a terrific day!


  1. I love your look, that is really one great idea!! :) And these sandals... bliss!!

  2. I want to visit Tucson now thanks to your weekly Tucson Tuesdays! Haha. I love thrifting I do it on a weekly basis.

  3. you are quite adorable miss. :) And your sweet little town is too.

  4. Come visit Tucson and we'll thrift together! WEE!