Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grey skies? No problem.

Happy end of your Saturday, friends. I hope everyone has had the best day ever! Tucson had a randomly pleasant high of around 60 degrees today and it NEVER. STOPPED. RAINING. It was a dream come true! So thank you, rain gods for allowing me to wear my boots one last time before the blazing summer begins. Kyle and I love the rainy weather and hope to one day end up somewhere like Seattle for a while.
Beautiful, right?!

Before I go ahead with today's getup, I'll give you a peek at what I wore yesterday. I had one test in the afternoon so aside from working early, it was a pretty nice day!
  • Top: F21
  • Cardi: UO
  • Clock necklace: UO
  • Bag: Aldo
Today I worked early (treated myself to a short nonfat white mocha), ran some errands, did some filing for my other job via the internet, made myself some soup in my kitty mug I painted, baked brownies, and got dressed and ready to go to a couple's bridal shower for my good friend Courtney and her fiance Andrew.
How lovely is the sky though?!

  • Scarf: F21
  • Tank: F21
  • Bag: H&M
  • Watch: Antique 
  • Floral Bracelet: F21
  • Boots: Old Navy
Outfits like these are my absolute favorite! Comfortable and practical...what's not to like? Kyle and I cruised over the the party and ate way too many sweets. We left when his knee was feeling achy and ended up meeting his sis and her husband at Something Sweet, a dessert lounge I've mentioned before.
I was way too full from the party earlier so I sipped some tropical green tea (delicious!) but the treat on the left is Kyle's sister's gluten free espresso torte! Um...YUM.

Reasons why today was stressful: Woke up EARLY, had a bajillion things to do, felt sleepy all day.
Reasons why today was successful: Got a ton of stuff done, baked (which I love to do), made money, enjoyed great company, and most importantly, this guy was by my side the whole time...
siiiiiiiigh. He's my favorite :)

Have an amazing night and I will see you tomorrow! <3


  1. Okay, I have to tell you that I love all of the outfits you show. Maybe we have similar style? It sounds like you had a lovely day. What's better than a bridal shower?

  2. you really do have such great style! but loving the rain?! oh no, i would do anything to move away from drab rainy london!


  3. I just found your blog today and read the entire thing! Your clothes are so cute and you've inspired me to give thrifting a try.. I always feel like its impossible to find anything even kind of cute but you've changed my mind. I especially love those white sperrys and for 2$ I really need to give it a shot :) I also am obsessed with starbucks my boyfriend is always complaining about how much money I waste there but its so yum! I now want to try getting hired at one just for the one free drink! I love your blog its one of my new faves and I'm looking forward to new posts

  4. Aw, thank you so much for the kind words!! Thrifting is definitely worth the patience! Good luck and let me know what you find when you go!

  5. Lovely outfits!! I dream of going to Seattle someday too! I hope its all hot chocolate and rain over there ;)