Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tucson Tuesday

 I feel like I cheated on Starbucks today...but it's okay, because it was for Tucson Tuesday! Today my sweet boy and I met up for some coffee and a chat at Raging Sage Coffee!
This TT is per Kyles suggestion. It's a small cafe near campus and since I was dying for some caffeine so I knew it'd be perfect. There's a quaint little patio where Ky and I posted up to sip our tasty treats and eat a snack. 

I went with an Iced Soy Latte (with one splenda) and Kyle got an iced minty-something-or-other. Both were amazing! The espresso was comparable to Starbucks and I am a super picky barista. We shared (aka I ate the whole thing) a savory scone with goat cheese, kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes. YUM. I have a crazy love for goat cheese. 

I will DEFINITELY be back to Raging Sage Coffee. You can't beat yummy coffee and baked goods!

Daily Getup for this fine Tuesday:
  • Floral heart Earrings: F21
  • Dress: F21
  • Cardi: F21
  • Necklace: F21
  • Belt: Thrifted
  • Flats: UO
I love dress days :) With Tucson forecasted to be in the 90s by Thursday, I'll be wearing TONS more -_-

Sorry to squeeze everything in once post, but I also have a DOD for you! 
Today I was both hungry and thirsty so I picked a drink that would satisfy both of those needs :)

It is an Orange Mango Banana smoothie with nonfat milk and matcha (green tea) powder added to it! YUMYUMYUM. One of my favorite meal replacements. Try it sometime!

Have a great night and a major congrats to Jenn for winning the Starbucks Giveaway! 


  1. No way you like the Matcha! Hmmm maybe it tastes better than making it in a steamer pitcher with milk - yuk. :)

  2. Steamed w/ milk = GRASS. Mixed into the smoothie = heaven :)

  3. Ooh the baked goods plus coffee = genius! Love your DOD idea too.

  4. You have the CUTEST style. You need to stop that, seriously.<3