Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sunless Sunday

Hi Friends!
It was a beautiful, gray day here in Tucson. I enjoyed every second of the cool air and the fresh smelling rain. I wish with all my heart that everyday would be like this.

What a week. School has me going crazy! Philosophy, stats, and three psychology classes. Add 5 days at Starbucks, a family, and a house sitting job and you have my life at the moment. I'm not the type of person who strives in this sort of extreme hustle and bustle. It'll pay off in the long run...right?

Here are some pics of the weekend! You can expect a more in-depth post tomorrow, but at this point I'm sleepy and ready to wind down so I'll be rested for tomorrow's open at the Bux.
For 25 hours a week all I do is stare at these tasty treats and wish I could eat them all, consequence free!
I was able to fit in (somehow) some unwanted/much needed gym time!
Counterbalanced by an AMAZING date at a d-lish upscale Mexican restaurant called Cafe Poca Cosa. The menu changes daily, depending on what is fresh from the local suppliers! You can definitely tell, everything was so delicious and my cook boyfriend was majorly impressed, which says a lot!
I also did quite a bit of shopping (shame shame!) and scooped some goodies including: a new Aldo bag, some Urban flats, a plaid tunic, a striped forever tee, a new make up bag, and a banana republic tank. I'm proud to say that more than half of that list was on GREAT sale. 

That brings us to today. I wound up at the 6th birthday party of one of my good friends' daughters. She is such a special little girl who gets more beautiful and sassy every time I see her! I was able to capture some of her sassy antics to share with you :)

Now, I'm winding down at my temporary home and watching some basketball and Starwars with my love. Tomorrow will be SUCH a long day, wish me luck! 


  1. What an adorable blog you have started here!!!!

  2. Yay for post #2! That restaurant sounds so good, and I love the concept of only serving what's locally available. And um, hello LOST shirt?! Love it.


  3. yay! Thanks for reading, guys. My friend MADE that Lost shirt! It's amazing, and my go-to gym tee :)